my name is Jan-Paul Lüdtke. I am a start-up manager at Thomas J.C. Matzen GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, where we execute innovative business models such as Akanoo or cerascreen. If there is time left, I support my father in building and expanding his international sleds business. Before that, I was a researcher and PhD student at the Institute of Innovation Marketing at Hamburg University of Technology and wrote my thesis about Judgmental biases in the evaluation of innovations. You can find more about my professional persona on LinkedIn.
I use this site mainly for showing some of my amateur photography to family, friends and anyone else interested.
I follow entrepreneurial activities on techcrunch and wired. You may still point me to a great site about non-click entrepreneurship. In 2011, I started updating a weblog on interactive out-door art and have erratically worked on my own pieces for the last years. I am always interested in discussing research, interactive art and entrepreneurial projects.


Gran Canaria - April 2011 Kellenhusen - Maerz 2011Basel - Maerz 2011
Dänemark - Winter 2010/2011Eastcoast - Sommer 2011



New York City - Sommer 2010Venedig - Venice - Frühling - Spring 2010Langenhorn Raakmoor - Winter 2009/2010
Alpe di Susi - Seiseralm - Winter 2010Hafen (Port) Hamburg - Winter 2010 Various People Places Things

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